Dome Led Display

  1. What Is A Dome Led Display?


Dome led display is a new type of display product that has become popular in recent years, and is generally installed above a closed space. It plays the role of rendering, decoration and lighting, and can create a dreamlike visual effect. Its shocking and brilliant display effect enriches people's vision and makes people's viewing world life more colorful.

For a long time, people have had an infinite reverie of the sky overhead, and through roof painting to meet the visual shock and satisfaction. Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, the immutable roof painting can no longer meet people's imagination, so the dome led display came into being



Dome led display, is installed in the relatively confined space above the dome display, is to show the dream of LED products, play a rendering, decoration, lighting effect. Generally suitable for high-end star hotel lobby, large shopping centers, commercial pedestrian streets, city center square, large stage and other large buildings ceiling, large area, light weight, different shapes. Dome led display, in short, is to establish a huge device above the sky that can cover the earth, isolate the earth from the sky, and it is often mentioned in some science fiction works that artificial equipment established by human beings in order to avoid damage from space in the future. With the new LED light strip, light strip, projection and other lighting equipment, play a role in lighting and rendering. Highlight the personality culture to create a new landmark dome led display in the city is able to get the favor of various fields, it is inseparable from the unique visual charm brought by it.


2.Which Scenes Are Suitable For The Dome Led Display?


Dome led display, generally installed in a relatively confined space above the shape of a dome, is a new LED product to show the illusion of immersion, dome led display play rendering, decoration, lighting effect.

Generally suitable for high-end star hotel lobby, large shopping centers, commercial pedestrian streets, city center square, large stage and other large buildings ceiling, large area, light weight, different shapes.


3.Application Scenario Of Dome Led Display


The dome led screen uses special projectors and light sources to project light into the night sky, creating the effect of a beautiful starry sky. The projector needs to emit beams of light of different colors and brightness, which are reflected and refracted, and finally focused on the night sky, which is very suitable for the planetarium scene



Media-Based Attractions

Dome led screen are also very popular in commercial media events, many media business events have begun to use star projectors to increase the user experience, while also increasing the revenue of the event. In terms of business activities, some companies use star projectors to create a romantic and high-end atmosphere, attract customers' attention and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.



The use of the dome led screen in the museum is also very extensive, when you walk into the beautiful museum, in addition to the shock brought by everything on earth, the greater feeling is the beauty brought by the dome led screen. The beauty of specimens of earth creatures millions of years ago, the beauty of minerals geologically bred millions of years ago, and the harmonious beauty of ecology and humanity are more vivid under the backdrop of the dome led screen.


Science Center

Dome led screen Immersive environment LED dome screen has a unique design, it provides any part of the sphere, with the projection of the starry sky to give customers an unparalleled sense of immersion experience, more suitable for use in planetariums



Dome led screen movies are also very popular in cinemas, also known as "ball screen movies". Its dome-shaped screen is the development of widescreen to the limit, and then to the development of the sky, the movie screen is hemispherical, hemispherical screen from the front of the audience to the back, the audience lying on the seat, as if immersive, not only the objects in front of the hand to be preferable, and some objects have the feeling of moving behind. The screen image is large and clear, extending from the audience to the back, and accompanied by a stereo ring sound, as if you were in it


4.Dome Led Display Advantages And Features:

Dome led display work is more stable and reliable, with high efficiency, energy saving, no pollution, long life and other characteristics, the system power consumption is only one tenth of the traditional display equipment, and no radiation pollution, continuous viewing will not cause visual fatigue, can adapt to various climatic conditions, response speed, high reliability, almost no heat. Skylight projection system is simple to operate, upgrade and maintenance are very convenient, the screen can be divided into independent display, respectively display the same content or different, you can also synchronize the whole screen display picture.


Immersive 360° Environment


Dome led display system is an innovative and revolutionary step in all-dome LED technology that integrates led directly into the dome surface, turning it into a dynamic video screen that outperforms projector solutions in terms of brightness, volume, reliability and longevity.

The Dome led display system has a dazzling LED display in design, and is equipped with a three-dimensional sound reinforcement system, which perfectly achieves image-sound synchronization. The large LED ceiling screen mounted on the top of the ceiling is like a colorful silk, bright and deep sky, and then with the new LED light strip, light strip, spotlights and other lighting equipment, to play a bright, rendering role. It gives people a shocking visual and auditory experience with strong visual impact, and becomes a tall indoor display screen, which is integrated with the building and dissolved into one.

Dome led screen belongs to LED creative display, reflects a company from design, manufacturing to engineering installation, from product technology development to company management system and other decathlon comprehensive ability, the company is currently LED soft screen and transparent screen, support to replace the traditional screen and grid ceiling to create a new LED ceiling effect, this ceiling is lighter, more transparent, more magic!

Dome Led Display Compared With Ordinary LED Display

Compared with ordinary LED display projects, Dome led screen in the use of materials, structural methods, control performance, construction and maintenance and other aspects have very high requirements, is a very high threshold of the market, at the same time, dome led screen general area is huge, high cost, therefore, in the entire market, the ceiling project is rare.

About Installation

The project area of the dome led display is generally very large, and the installation is carried out by lifting, and its own weight cannot be ignored. Therefore, when using the dome led display, it should reduce its own weight as much as possible to reduce the burden on the bearing structure, and use the "transparent" design to reduce the load.

Screen Body Is Easy To Install And Use

Dome led display body is relatively large, need to have large-scale product design standards, need to install, maintenance, debugging, use more convenient, which can also reduce the subsequent installation and maintenance process of labor costs.


Simple Maintenance

The dome led system offers a powerful simple multi-projector system that offers permanent alignment, no drift, no line-of-sight problems, no warm-up time, and long plus low maintenance life. The ingenious design of the system reduces the overall weight of the screen.


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