78㎡P6 Outdoor LED Display Screen for Advertising

  • Date:2023-12-27
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Project Description:


This building is designed in an arc shape. Combined with the shape of the building itself, it is designed into a curved screen, which further broadens the viewing angle.


This outdoor LED display screen adopts front and rear maintenance, and space is reserved behind the video wall for rear maintenance. Therefore, construction will not affect access at any time.


Die cast aluminum design, better precision than iron cabinet and aluminum cabinet. It is not easy to deform, so this outdoor LED display screen realizes real seamless splicing. Light and energy-saving, no fan required. Fast heat dissipation, saving freight and installation costs during installation and transportation.


Waterproof IP68 and dust-proof. The brightness can reach up to 10,000cd/㎡. This outdoor LED display screen is used to play various outdoor advertisements, which can be switched in real time. In the long run, it can obtain very considerable advertising revenue. With all kinds of attractive advertising content, it will also bring more customers to the mall and enhance the influence of the business district.


Since the outdoor LED display screen is not very large, we use P6mm pixel pitch to ensure both brightness and clarity. In fact, this screen is also very suitable for outdoor naked eye 3D LED screens. The arc-shaped screen combined with 3D video content will present an attractive immersive picture.