When choosing an outdoor display, which LED and LCD are more suitable for outdoor scenes

  • Date:2024-05-31
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At the beginning, we can first make some simple comparisons between the LED display and the LCD display, and the respective advantages of the two displays are probably the following:


LED display:(Light Emitting Diode)

1, high brightness
LDE displays are generally brighter than LCD displays and perform well in strong light environments
2, high contrast
Because of the higher contrast, the image will appear clearer and brighter
3. Response time
High response time, good for dynamic content
4. Energy saving
LED displays are more energy efficient than LCD displays

LCD display:(Liquid Crystal Display)
1. Price
The price of LCD display is lower
2. Resolution
High resolution, suitable for images and videos
3. Visual color
The LCD display has a larger viewing Angle

 Outdoor LED display

Through the above simple comparison, if the price is not considered, the LDE display will be more suitable for outdoor use, because its color and brightness performance in strong light is better than the LCD display. Especially during the day or in a sunny environment, LED display will of course be a good choice.
  In outdoor application scenarios, it is often encountered that the system is used for a long time, such as billboards, which usually require 24 hours of uninterrupted display information. In this case, energy saving is a very important concern.