45㎡ P2.6 Indoor Rental LED Display for Live Streaming Studio Project Details

  • Date:2023-12-27
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Project Description:


Messe Frankfurt Live Streaming Studio in Germany! The fine pixel pitch 15x3m backdrop is made up of our indoor rental LED display FR series. High-definition seamless large screen as a live background, a good display of the theme of the event and, background pictures can be switched according to the process of the event, the viewer through the sound and picture is like coming to the scene of the event.


This video wall looks good, doesn't it? So how do we achieve this effect?


Firstly ,we choose die-cast aluminum cabinet, so the indoor rental LED display is thin and light, can be quickly installed, dismantled and transported, suitable for large area rental and fixed installation applications.


Secondly, since LED screen is used for the company's live broadcast, it is necessary to ensure that the picture is clear and stable, and there are no moire marks when shooting. Therefore, our LED display must have wide viewing angle, high contrast ratio, seamless splicing and high picture quality, which is why we use FR series products.


Thirdly, indoor rental LED display is required to be used repeatedly, the company's live activities will be carried out in different places, need to be disassembled and transported to another site to install. This FR product is designed to reduce the damage caused by dismantling and installation, and is very strong and durable.


Fourth, indoor LED rental screen requires easy and quick installation, which can save cost and time, because facing long term multiple use, our screen is with curved lock, two box sizes are optional, which can be designed into different shapes. We add impact-resistant corners at the corners to protect cabinet to ensure that modules and lamps are not damaged and can resist the harsh field environment.


Indoor rental screen can be applied to stage, car show, hotel rental, TV broadcasting, etc. If you are interested in our rental LED screen and want to know more detail about rental&stage&concert LED screen solution, please be free to contact us!