P5.7 Outdoor LED Billboard For Advertising

  • Date:2023-12-27
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Project Description:


Did you notice this same outdoor LED billboard when you were strolling through the streets of Italy in Europe? This outdoor advertising screen consists of 8 pieces of 960*960 boxes with 48 pieces P5.7 modules. The outdoor LED screens is floor standing installation to attract the attention of pedestrians and passing cars, and the daily circulation of ads will also generate higher revenues for our clients in the future.


As you can see from the picture, this outdoor advertising screen has high brightness, even in direct sunlight can present the advertising picture well, and the color is very natural and realistic. How can we do this?


1. High Brightness

This screen we use outdoor LED display SFC series products, the brightness can reach 6000-10000cd/㎡, and the brightness can be freely adjusted with the brightness of the outdoor environment.


2. Energy-Saving With Low Power Consumption

After utilizing the technology of common cathode to SFC series LED display, its average power consumption has got lower than traditional LED display by 30%~70%. In the long run, this can save a significant amount of money on electricity bills, while saving energy and the environment.


3. Strong Environmental Adaptability

Super low temperature rise, low decay, can work normally at 80℃ at the highest and works normally at least below -40℃. In addition, it can be used in. In the long run, seaside areas usually have strong resistance to salt spray. So if it is some coastal areas, SFC series is also a best choice.


4. Die Casting Aluminum Cabinet, Lightweight And Easy To Install

Our outdoor LED billboard uses aluminum profile cabinet, weight single cabinet is only 25KG, and the display module is made of die-cast aluminum, which is fire-resistant and will not be deformed even under high ambient temperature.


Within the past 10+ years, Milestrong has produced & supplied 5,000+ outdoor LED displays, for customers in 60+ countries & regions. If you need outdoor LED billboard for advertising, please don’t hesitate to contact us!