Two-sided Outdoor LED Wall Display With 2D+3D Content In Spain

  • Date:2023-12-27
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Project Description:

The Port of Venice completed the first phase of the renovation of an external area, including a new external digital facade.


The Port of Venice has launched a new image, including a new dynamic digital facade, with a total area of more than 140 square meters.


The Port of Venice in Zaragoza is undergoing an ambitious external regional renovation project. The first phase of the project, the "terrace area", was completed at the beginning of this year with an external digital facade. These spaces have always been the symbol and uniqueness of the shopping center to improve the user experience and enhance the comfort of tourists.


It is one of the most innovative and technical digital elements in Spain. This is a large-scale outdoor experience. It combines technology with double-sided outdoor LED wall display to provide two-dimensional and deformed three-dimensional content, synchronous visual effects and digital lighting, all in the same space, using natural themes and dynamic stairs as templates. This is an innovative technology concept, integrating technology and architecture. A wide range of video hardware, plus dynamic digital lighting, plus different synchronous content managers, as well as special visual content: dynamic templates for real-time playback of content, creating 2D and 3D content. All this is to create a unique immersive experience at one of the main entrances of the shopping center.


The combination of architecture, outdoor LED wall display technology, digital content and digital lighting creates a new immersive and highly innovative space.


Outdoor LED wall display becomes a 32 square meter digital art canvas, whose main function is to provide information support and entertainment. With an external SN series pixel pitch 5.3mm  and powerful brightness, you can get perfect visibility no matter in the day or at night. Its uniqueness lies in its angle format. Its angle is circular, which is not completed in 90 degree cutting. It has created different visual content, including landscape, nature, lifestyle, fluid and shape, decoration, advertising and company activities. It has also designed a particle content with three-dimensional perspective and depth, combined with outdoor LED wall display and digital lighting.


Integrating technology and architectural space. The front extends the outdoor LED wall display synchronously and oppositely, amplifies the video content of the screen, and compares it with the chroma range and lighting. Together with the grandstand, it reflects the vertical garden of the facade.


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