P1.95 HD LED Display Enriches The Activity Atmosphere Of The Bertelsmann Foundation

  • Date:2023-12-27
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HD LED Display Project Description:

Since 2019, the Bertelsmann Foundation has been managing Bertelsmann's iconic space, which is located in Madrid's 10 O'Donnell Street and was built by Enrique Mirales in 1992. It was originally the cultural center of the readership circle and later handed over to the Bertelsmann Group. Now, the Bertelsmann Foundation is committed to injecting new life into this space under the slogan of "dialogue for a better future". It is an ideal place to hold any activity in the center of Madrid, because it is a multi-functional space composed of different areas, where unique buildings are combined with high-quality technology and audio-visual equipment.


In the past year, lighting facilities have been improved and audio-visual equipment has also been updated, focusing on the digitization and personalization of activities. The biggest innovation of this redesign is to install a spectacular indoor HD LED display in the center of the stage, with a total area of 7㎡, fine pixel pitch 1.95mm black LED high-quality images, full HD resolution and accurate color reproduction.


This HD LED display project was achieved by Milestrong indoor LED display series MS series, The hard connection design between the module and the cabinet completely gets rid of the bondage of wires. All aluminum cabinet, fast heat dissipation. With all of these features integrated into HD LED display, it eventually present vivid and high-performance image and bring more vitality to Bertelsmann Foundation hall .


The HD LED display provides a unique element for Bertelsmann space and an excellent digital solution for customized activities. It allows visual presentations and interactive meetings with high-quality images. Due to its modular system, it also allows different elements (videos, images, etc.) to be played at the same time, cooperative learning, etc. 


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