Custom Led Series - Floor Tile Circular Screen

  • Date:2024-03-11
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                                                             Custom Led Series - Floor Tile Circular Screen


The interesting function of induction interaction is increased, and devices such as intelligent induction chips are integrated. When a person steps on the floor tile screen, the sensor chip can sense the position of the person, thus triggering information and feeding back to the interactive main console, and then the main console will output the corresponding display effect after logical judgment. With the help of the sensor chip, you can track the movement of the pace, track the pace of activity, and present the instant interactive picture effect.


LED floor Tile Screen Tube Full Color Display Detailed Description:

1.Fast And Accurate Installation Positioning Technology:

Fast and accurate installation and positioning technology is adopted to ensure the fast and accurate installation of colored bricks, and the installation spacing is controlled within the error range of < 1 mm;


2.High Load Capacity (2000kg/m2) :

Through professional structural design, to ensure the high load-bearing performance of colored bricks, after testing: per square meter can withstand up to 5000 kilograms of weight, even the car can safely drive on the product;


3.Simple Maintenance:

With the self-check function of power and signal working status, it can display the power and signal working status of each product in real time. When the product does not show the screen, it can quickly judge the problem and quickly take the corresponding inspection measures