Rental Stage Event Concert Solution

Live Events Are Memorable Experience With All The Sense Engaged!

Rental LED screen is an excellent tool for any event,whether it be a corporate presentation, concert, trade show or live sports event. With its high definition image, wide viewing angle and low power consumption, the rental LED screen can easily upgrade your existing room design environment.

To make the best use of your event, the primary goal should be to design a visually engaging dynamic environment to spread the message you want. How do you do this? Choosing a cost-effective rental LED screen from Milestrong!


We provide a board set of rental led solutions for stage including indoor, outdoor, floor-standing, hanging, smoothly curved video walls. 


There Differences Between Rental LED Screen And Conventional LED Display

Lightweight And Ultra-Thin

The traditional LED display cabinet is too heavy and weighs more than 50kg per square meter after production. The LED rental display cabinet used in the stage performance industry is basically an die-cast aluminum cabinet. The weight of aluminum cabinet is about 30kg/m2, with light weight and good thermal conductivity, it can meet the requirements of hoisting, stacking, back frame and fixed installation.


Fast Installation

Because the cabinet is of aluminum structure, the rental LED screen has lighter weight, higher precision and convenient disassembly. The whole screen is fixed and connected by quick bolts. Technicians can splice a single cabinet in a few minutes, which greatly shortens the installation and disassembly time and saves labor costs.


Long Lifespan

The main components affecting the service life of LED display screen are light-emitting diodes (lamps), and high temperature is the killer of light-emitting diodes. The good heat dissipation and thermal conductivity of aluminum cabinet makes its service environment temperature relatively stable, which can greatly prolong the service life of display screen.

Arbitrarily Spliced Into Different Shapes

The unique design of cabinet structure connector can realize innovative connection modes such as up and down, left and right, front and back dislocation, showing internal and external curves, S-shape or other special creative shapes. It can be used for various types of exhibition entrance as well as public place.


High Return On Investment

Rental LED display is the perfect solution for events, trade shows and festivals. These low-maintenance displays are easy to setup and transport, they’re also durable enough to withstand repeated use at the different location. With an ROI of 4:1, these displays are an excellent investment for businesses looking for a way to stay connected with their target audience.

Benefits Of Having A High Quality Rental LED Display For Your Business


Engagement And Interactive

Engage your audience with interactive visuals, live video and real-time atmosphere. Our rental LED screens are perfect for both indoor and outdoor events.


Ability To Push Your Messaging And Branding Across

Utilizing rental LED displays can help you push your messaging and branding across to consumers in an effective way. Whether it's to draw attention, convey your business message or entertain audiences, Milestrong has the ability to help you maximize your investment.


Save Labor And Transportation Costs

Our event LED displays are flexible and easy to set up, making it simple to take them from one location to another. So your time is spent focusing on your audience instead of worrying about the logistics of putting on your event.


Wide Applications

LED rental screen is the ideal choice for various diverse occasions. Whether it is a stage performance, trade shows, stars' concert, wedding, church, music festivals and conferences and so on, this full-color screen can greatly improve the degree of realism.


Several Ways To Use Your Stages & Rental LED Screens



In most cases, rental led display for concert is the best choice as a replacement for a fixed billboard.It can be more effective than a traditional billboard because it is highly portable and can move around to different locations.

Music Festival/Music Tours


Music festivals come and go, but the memories live on. Along with the memories, you get to keep the biggest performers under your belt—including some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. and this is where our rental LED displays step in.

At the music festival, people just want to see the best performance. As a medium, rental LED screens can better display bands, headlines and other performers and artists. This will help attract more visitors, enhance the atmosphere, promote ticket sales, and create a better overall experience for festival sponsors.



The LED display for wedding is not only beautiful and romantic but also shows your special love story in a unique way, creates a very warm and moving atmosphere.

It is attracting people's attention and make them feel comfortable, so it would be a great decoration for the wedding.


Auto Shows


Exquisite booth design integrates LED screen, and finally presents a modern technology automobile booth.

LED display can not only show the characteristics, functions and selling points of the car, but also attract the attention of many visitors through the combination of sound and image, so as to effectively improve the brand exposure of the car.


Game Events  


At the excellent game events, LED display can show the whole process of the game, It is an indispensable device at the scene of the game. The audience can pay real-time attention to the game situation and score changes through the picture of LED display, which improves their participation and perception.


Corporate Conference


Corporate conference and meeting planners are increasingly turning to visual communications to engage attendees, and deliver important messages. From content creation and design to project management and installation, our comprehensive rental LED display solutions help ensure your message is as successful as the event itself by providing innovative presentation, attention-getting displays from start to finish.


Mobile Marketing


LED rental screen can be used as a portable display, that you can take your branding messages on the road with you. Whether you're selling a product, promoting an event or trying to reach new audiences with advertisements and promotions, these screens are a cost-effective way to increase brand exposure.


Product Launches

A rental LED display for a product launch is an innovative way to get your business noticed. With clear images and surround sound, these amazing screens create a wow factor that will engage with customers and prospects, giving them an opportunity to really understand what makes products or services so special.


Reality TV& Video Shoots

Get the same look without the cost of buying a digital screen. The rental LED display is an excellent alternative to a large digital signage display and the perfect complement to your video shoot.


Trade Shows

The trade show have become a trend in the business world. Each company is trying to make its booth more attractive to tourists and potential customers. LED rental screen can perfectly display brands, products, and attract viewers' attention.

Determine The Type Of Screen Required Before Choosing A Best Rental LED Display For Events


Mobile LED Screen

Mobile LED display screen is a display screen prefabricated on trucks or trailers, which is suitable for the stage background of activities, or the live broadcasting platform of concerts, large parties and large event halls. Its more important function is to play advertisements. They are very suitable for outdoor activities within the budget, requiring fast setup and logistical flexibility.


Indoor Rental LED Display

Indoor - indoor LED displays are usually modular because a single LED panel can pass through the door and be built out inside. They usually have higher resolution, high contrast, brightness within 1000cd/sqm, good heat dissipation and strong color restoration.


Outdoor Rental LED Display

The outdoor screen is brighter than the indoor screen, and the brightness is usually above 5000cd/sqm, which is more durable. The protection grade is IP65, which can play a good waterproof role and within the outdoor harsh environment.


Outdoor led rental screen has a photosensitive control system, which automatically adjusts the brightness of the display screen according to the change of light, saving energy and environmental protection. The installation, disassembly and transportation are convenient and fast, with more cost advantages. It is suitable for large-area manufacturing stage background.

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