MCOB Series DesignThe MCOB series is a family of small pixel pitch LED video wall displays available in 1.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0, and 2.5 millimeter pixel pitches. As the high-end market for indoor LED screen display solutions, the MIE series is an essential component of daily operations, allowing for more efficient work and better decision-making. Our ultra-fine pixel pitch series displays enhance the performance of your studio's presentation, which has colorful and vivid images and very suitabl
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    ItemMCOB 0.93MCOB 1.25MCOB 1.56MCOB 1.87
    Pixel Pitch (mm)0.93751.251.56251.875
    Unit Combination (W*H)2*42*42*42*4
    Pixel Density (dot/㎡)1,137,778640,000409,600284,444
    Module Size (mm)150x168.75150x168.75150x168.75150x168.75
    Module Resolution (W*H)640x360480x270384x21680x90
    Module MaterialUltra thin, no bottom shellUltra thin, no bottom shellUltra thin, no bottom shellUltra thin, no bottom shell
    Cabinet Size (mm)600x337.5600x337.5600x337.5600x337.5
    Cabinet Resolution (W*H)640x360480x270384x216320x180
    Cabinet MaterialDie-casting aluminumDie-casting aluminumDie-casting aluminumDie-casting aluminum
    Scanning Method1/601/451/481/30
    Cabinet Flatness≤0.10≤0.10≤0.10≤0.10
    Gray Scale14bit(software 16bit)14bit(software 16bit)14bit(software 16bit)14bit(software 16bit)
    Installation WayFront & RearFront & RearFront & RearFront & Rear
    Horizontal View Angle≥170°≥170°≥170°≥170°
    Vertical View Angle≥170°≥170°≥170°≥170°
    Contrast Ratio≥10000:1≥10000:1≥10000:1≥10000:1
    Refresh Rate (Hz)≥2880 ≥3840 ≥3840 ≥3840 
    Refresh Frame Frequency50/60Hz50/60Hz50/60Hz50/60Hz
    Module Supply Voltage DCDC2.8V+3.8VDC2.8V+3.8VDC4.2VDC4.2V
    Module Max Current DC0.5A+1.5A0.5A+1.5A4.5A4.5A
    Input Voltage (V)110-220V110-220V110-220V110-220V
    Max Power Consumption≤300W≤300W≤600W≤600W
    Avg Power Consumption≤100W≤100W≤200W≤200W
    Working Temperature (℃)-20℃~45℃-20℃~45℃-20℃~45℃-20℃~45℃
    Working Humidity (RH)10%~95%10%~95%10%~95%10%~95%
    Lifespan (Hrs)≥100,000≥100,000≥100,000≥100,000

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