What is Transparent Holographic LED Display

What IsTransparent Holographic LED Display?

Transparent holographic LED display redefines the LED transparent screen, the product has ultra-thin, high-definition, high brightness, high transparency and other characteristics, in the playback of holographic video or 3D video, the human eye will naturally screen before and after the scene and the screen in the three-dimensional integration, forming a strong sense of three-dimensional suspension. As the screen body light for the picture, lights off that is transparent, no physical presence, and the screen body using light drive a body type LED independent light, so named transparent holographic LED display.


Transparent holographic LED display, characterized by thin and transparent, can be customized according to the actual situation size, to the glass a paste, the overall mount without keel frame, the corners of the access to power, will be able to achieve the LED screen play picture effect. With naked eye 3D technology, transparent video, ordinary video, holographic video and naked eye 3D video can be done seamlessly, presenting a more realistic picture, and after the screen off the full transparent invisible, no physical presence.

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4 Features Of Transparent Holographic LED Display?



It's a game-changer in the industry, without structural skeleton in the middle of the screen, which provides high visual transparency at 90% when glued onto a glass wall.



Standard modules can be bent, cut, and used flexibly. The best partner for curved glass and special-shaped screen.



Professional aesthetic design, thin and beautiful.

Display body products. The weight is only 6KG/square meter.



Screen thickness is less than 2MM, which can be seamless surface mount. 

Mounted on transparent glass.


What Are The Advantages Of Transparent Holographic LED Display?


No Keel Design, Thin And High-Transparency

Transparent holographic LED display without keel fixed, can guarantee the screen stable display. At the same time, the whole screen will not be lattice, can achieve complete transparency. The thickness of the screen body is less than 2MM, and the weight of each square meter is only 6KG, which is even thinner if the weight of the power supply is not taken into account.


Independent Drive IC, High Definition And High Brightness

Adopt independent research and development IC, 16-bit gray scale, high refresh rate, high gray scale, high refresh rate, extremely strong driving power. Independent core technology, coupled with high-quality materials, high standards of technology, the sensory permeability of the full range of products can reach more than 80%, and the number of pixels in the same area is 4 to 5 times more than the market, no strip splitting effect, 3 meters away from the naked eye can not see the pixel point, to achieve the true high-definition and high brightness.


Delicate Structure To Meet The Needs Of Different Scenes

The delicate structure design of high transparency makes the scene before and after the screen and the screen in 3D fusion, and the product can form an extremely strong sense of 3D levitation when displayed, supporting both traditional video and taking into account the ultimate 3D presentation capability, ensuring a large enough luminous angle. This LED holographic transparent screen meets the demand for high-quality video presentation in urban landscape, street windows, creative space, technology-enabled teaching, and new generation of home glass curtain wall through its powerful naked eye 3D capability.


Easy Installation, Simple Maintenance

The whole screen can be selected according to the customer's demand for the corresponding number of multiple modules DIY spliced together, linked to the control unit at the corner, you can complete the screen installation, the operation is very simple. In addition, the screen can realize single point single control, if the A lamp beads are broken, there is no effect on the B lamp beads. Therefore, it is easy to repair, just replace the bad lamp beads with good ones. Any dead pixels will not affect other lamp beads. Easy to maintain, no need to return to the factory, simple training can be used for on-site maintenance.

What Is The Difference Between Transparent Holographic LED Display And Transparent LED Screen



The biggest difference is: no keel design, truly display and transparent coexist. Traditional LED transparent screen depends on the support of the keel, due to the weak driving ability of the product, in order to the overall display effect, the keel needs to be used to conduct and support, although part of the transparent, but can not do the overall transparency, appear to have obvious flaws.


Installation and maintenance

LED transparent screen is more difficult to install and repair, such as for outdoor glass curtain wall, transparent film screen and photoelectric glass, in case of problems can not be repaired on site, need to return to the factory, the follow-up maintenance costs are higher.


Display and transparency effect

LED transparent screen display and transparent effect can not be balanced at the same time. To be more transparent, may not be able to better display screen; to better display screen, may be sacrificed transparency, there is weight, structure mode can not be balanced. The transparent holographic LED display relies on technology to achieve the coexistence of display and transparency.



As the trend of customization of transparent display becomes more and more obvious, the modular design of holographic display can also better meet this demand, users are free to DIY, in the installation and maintenance is also more convenient, giving the user a great sense of experience.

What AreThe Installation Methods Of Transparent Holographic LED Display?


Glue On Glass

Ultra-clear, ultra-thin, highly transmissive and high temperature resistant high-end materials are used. The perfect design of the light panel can easily achieve up to 80% light transmission rate. Overall installation without structural skeleton, the screen body can be spliced left and right, up and down, and can achieve a display height or width of 2.4-3 meters. Suitable for commercial windows, glass curtain walls and other indoor and outdoor scenes.



Milestrong also have another design for LED poster , which is movable and detachable. Display modules can be increased or decreased at any time according to the usage environment like exhibition booth, stage and other scenarios.



The product is lightweight and easy to install for stage performance, door curtains show and other advertising scenes.


What are the Application Scenarios for Transparent Holographic Screens?

The transparent holographic LED displays are widely used in commercial display windows, commercial curtain walls, exhibition halls, creative displays, cultural and tourism, automotive 4S stores, and other fields.


Window Display: 

As the light-emitting components in the LED holographic screen adopt the self-developed integrated design of lamp drive, single point and single control can be realized, so that each LED lamp bead is the "power source", so the maintenance is very convenient. The high definition and bright LED holographic screen is ingeniously combined with the shop, which makes the shop full of new vitality. At the same time, the immersive 3D three-dimensional picture effect is achieved. The new advertising display form can better show the brand personality and product characteristics, so the shop window is more attractive.


Shopping Malls: 

Transparent holographic LED screen is not only thin and beautiful, the color gray level reaches 16 bits, and the display effect is more vivid. Among them, M3 product with equal pixel spacing P3.91 can achieve 80% sensory permeability. When the technology is fashionable and the colorful LED holographic screen is effectively combined with the shopping mall environment, it is an effective advertising carrier for the shopping mall glass partition and other scenes. A personalized store image can attract consumers to stop and increase customer flow.



The transparent holographic LED screen is thin and beautiful, with a thickness of less than 2MM and a weight of only 6KG per square meter. It can be bent, cut and used flexibly, just like a large "film". It uses a special adhesive, the size of the adhesive can be equivalent to 600 kilograms per square meter, firmly adsorbed on the transparent glass. The layout of this high-tech product in the exhibition hall will play a good role in attracting tourists' attention, and at the same time, it can highlight the grade of other products and improve the decoration level of the whole exhibition hall.



The application of the transparent holographic screen in the office can well improve the office environment and the sense of advanced, and the circular play of the product publicity video on the screen can also give customers a good visiting experience. Transparent holographic LED screen can form a strong sense of three-dimensional suspension when displaying. The exquisite structure design of LED display and high transparency makes the scene before and after the screen and the picture in the screen three-dimensional integration, providing employees with an immersive office experience space.

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